Parents Share The Ridiculous Reasons Their Kids Are Crying And It’s Insanely Hilarious

Parents! In case you needed some reassurance that your kids aren’t the only crazy ones out there, just check out the hashtag #reasonsmykidiscrying and get ready for a wild, familiar ride.

Here’s a few that’ll have you laughing (or laugh-crying) in no time.

#1. This little girl who wasn’t allowed to sit on her feline friend.

I told her she can’t sit on the cat so now I’m the #assholeparent @assholeparents #daysofourshittylives #reasonsmykidiscrying

A photo posted by Days Of Our Shitty Lives (@daysofourshittylives) on

#2. This little guy who had to be saved by some harsh fashion choices.

#reasonsmykidiscrying I won’t let him wear his winter coat in 90 degree weather, or to swim.

A photo posted by ashleaw (@ashleaw) on

#3. This little one who seems to love Easter a bit too much.

#4. This little blonde cutie who just has no clue.

#reasonsmykidiscrying …;she doesn’t know

A photo posted by jen kakaletris (@jenny_kak) on

#5. This chubster who weirdly likes pain.

I stopped him from pinching his fingers in a cupboard #toddlerlife #reasonsmykidiscrying

A photo posted by Lauren (@luluskelly) on

#6. This tiny one who just wanted her gift to be appreciated.

#reasonsmykidiscrying…;I won’t eat the dead bee she has found me. #assholeparent

A photo posted by Beth J Mundy (@mundybeth) on

#7. This kid who probably mistook a toilet for a pool.

#reasonsmykidiscrying I won’t let her play in the toilet 🙄😭😂

A photo posted by MiKalah Jones (@mikalah.jones) on

#8. This young boy who’s just dealing with road trips the best way he can.

Taken LITERALLY 5 minutes apart. Fuckin’ road trips man. #almostthere #emotionalrollercoaster #reasonsmykidiscrying

A photo posted by Cheerfully Made (@cheerfullymade) on

#9. This blonde beauty who won’t let anyone touch her golden locks.

how dare I want to brush her hair!! day 205 of #365daysofthevosslers #roughlife #howrude #reasonsmykidiscrying

A photo posted by Melissa Vossler (@melissavossler) on

#10. This young boy who just wanted to meet some new friends 🙁

#11. This cute one who really doesn’t want to be a big girl yet.

#12. This little man who is not a big fan of sharing or cookies.

My #threenager is crying because I tried to share my cookie. #reasonsmykidiscrying #sharingiscaring #sourpatchwes

A photo posted by Kym White (@adventuresofkym) on

#13. And this cutie who just wants to have a quiet, song-free birthday.

Crying because the guests were singing ‘happy birthday’ to him #reasonsmykidiscrying

A photo posted by Arlene June Tabios Ong (@ajmtong) on


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